Bibi's Playground

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Who is Bibi?

Who is Bibi?
Well....well....., a good question to ask. But..... Bibi is not me. Who am I? My name is Adam. A young man live in a small town in Sabah and having a normal live likes others. 21 years old and still studying.Second year in Computer science now, I am a man that full with dreams, and I dare to build my dreams and future.

So... Who is Bibi anyway?
Ok... Bibi is not a person. He is a male jungle man or "Orang Utan" that I adopted without any purpose from Sepilok Last month. I even didn't think how much I need to pay for the adoption. Really...., maybe I just want to show to my friends that I am the kindest man in the world or I just attracted by the beautiful certificate. The moment I went home after the adoption, I felt so sorry and very very regret, I need to pay every month for Bibi's foods, and..... Many things just for him to grow up until he can find his food by himself. And Bibi is the name I give to this little 4 months old orang utan during the adoption. What a bad name I gave to him. The others orang utan have names like wira, Megan or Ligo. I pretty sure Bibi's friends will laugh to him in the future.A week after the adoption, I received a phone call from Sepilok and I was told that Bibi was sick and almost die. I was shock that time. That moment I realized how much I care about Bibi.

Now Bibi has return healthy and he grow up fast